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Carpet & Upholstery Aftercare

Here are our tips and tricks on maintaining your carpet & upholstery after we have professionally cleaned it. Follow these tips to make your carpet freshness last!

Wait Before Walking

Never walk across wet carpeting or sit on wet upholstery. Allow carpets and sofas to dry completely first, whether you clean up a small spill or after a professional cleaning


Do you own slippers?

Walking barefoot across your professionally cleaned carpet is not good. The reason being the natural oils in your skin leaves an oily residue behind. This oily residue leaves your carpet with a dirty look and attracts dirt. Instead of going completely barefoot, walk on your carpet while wearing the shoe covers (please ask if you would like a set providing) or indoor footwear such as slippers.

Reducing Drying Times

Carpet/ Upholstery drying time vary due to the pile of your carpet, fabric type, humidity and the severity of soil. To speed up drying open some windows as long as outside weather allows and increase air circulation. Or in cooler months turn on the heating 21-22 degrees. Let the room heat up for an hour then open all windows and doors to allow this warm air to leave, repeat the process until dry.

Are You Clumsy?

Always clean all spills and stains immediately. We can be available at short notice to clean emergency spills, however if we aren't available do your best. The longer a spill remains on carpeting, the harder it is to remove it. We recommend against using harsh chemicals or supermarket stain removers such as Vanish, Dr Beckman or 1001, advising that if water does not work, try a small amount of soda water. ALWAYS BLOT NOT SMEAR.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum as regular as possible, I would advise daily. Keep carpet looking clean longer after a professional carpet cleaning by vacuuming regularly, whether you think the carpet needs it or not. Vacuuming removes dry soil. Vacuuming regularly removes pollutants. After the carpet has been professionally cleaned we advise that you don’t vacuum for 24 hours to make sure the carpet is fully dry.

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