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Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Oven ; Includes Product Reviews

This is a blog post to tell you my tips and tricks for maintaining a clean & healthy oven and will also add the products I recommend to use.

Main Tip

The main tip I can give you for maintaining a clean oven is to have it deep cleaned every 3/4 months by professional company such as ourselves, mainly because we have access to chemicals which wouldn't be available to you in the supermarket, and we also have our dip tank which will get your racks and trays cleaner than any other method.

Post Clean?

So have you recently had your oven deep cleaned? Maybe by us, a different company or maybe you did it yourself? How do you maintain it for as long as possible? We will answer all these the best we can!

Immediately after your oven has been deep cleaned, we recommend you apply a Non-Stick oven liner to the base of your oven and to your drip tray. This will just help keep your drip tray clean as well as the base of your oven. When they start to look tired or full of grease, just dispose and replace.

That's the trays and the base covered, but what about the sides? Unfortunately that's the part you cant really cover. So as your food as cooking it will spit grease and food all-over the sides. The only way really to combat this is to wipe regularly. After every time you cook, simply let the oven cool and then wipe the sides with a degreaser. The same principle applies to the glass.

Deep Cleaning

So the time has come to Deep Clean your oven. Get a professional to do it! Trust me, its hard work.

However maybe money is tight or you just want to do it yourself. Here are some of the products I would use.

Dr Magic Oven Cleaner

Spray this straight onto all surfaces in your oven and leave for 10 minutes. This creates a foam layer on the surface of the oven which will break down the top layer of dirt. Once it has worked its magic, wipe off.

Elbow Grease Degreaser

Now you'll be left with the tough burnt on stuff. Spray the oven with degreaser and take to it with a scourer and bucket of hot soapy water, this will eliminate any grease left behind by the Dr Magic.

CIF Perfect Shine Oven Cleaner

Now you truly are just left with all the horrible and hard to remove dirt. This product is a foam. Spray a few squirts into your oven and again take to it with a scourer and hot soapy water. Your gonna really have to scrub hard to get the burnt bits off trust me!

Astonish Oven Cleaning Paste

If the CIF isn't lifting the dirt that means it really is burnt on and has been there a while! This paste is the best thing you can ever buy for your oven and everyone should have it in their cupboard. Simply smear some of the paste on to the area with the burnt on dirt, hot soapy scourer, and scrub as hard as you can. This paste will get anything off if you scrub hard enough!

A lot of work right? Better to just get us to do it!

However should you want to try it yourself, follow this process and you wont go far wrong!

Thanks again for reading our Blogs! We hope this helps!

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